Monday, April 5, 2010

And it begins...

Welcome all! To those of you who know me & for those of you I'm meeting today... Hello! I'm Heather. And I've been meaning to develop this blog for a long while. My procrastination has not been out of laziness, but out of wanting to get it just right. And when I realized that ironically that was a lazy excuse... I decided to learn as I go.

So who am I? Hm... I have many roles. I'm a wife to a devilishly handsome partner in crime who still makes me giddy with anticipation when he walks into a room. I'm also a grateful mom with two healthy, happy, hilarious kids. One active 4-year-old boy I'll call Son for now & one delightful sassy 19-month-old daughter, I'll call Dot. I am lucky enough to get to stay home & raise them the best I know how. And even when the spills are abundant, the snot is slimy & my hormones are on a rampage {watch out}... I still know what I am doing is worthwhile & truly divine.

I also have my own dance program in which I get to teach a new generation of dancers the importance of movement & music. These few hours a week help remind me that I feel most at home on a stage while pirouetting in amber lighting. But when the house lights are up, I enjoying writing, creating, cooking, reading & most importantly spending time with those I love most.

The concept of this blog is simple... to become better. No sweat, right?

This doesn't mean "Look what I can do!" I'm NOT going to gloat about my craftiness, or post pictures of an unattainably clean house, or recommend difficult recipes that cost $59.65 to make because it calls for saffron & figs, or talk about how cute my kids' handmade clothes are... BUT, rather how I can learn & grow to become a better individual through simplicity. {Chinese gong sound effect for added drama.} This way I should have more time to develop important relationships as a better mother, wife, daughter, friend, ect.

The only way I can conceptualize doing this is as a daily dialogue. Monday - Friday. Each day will be dedicated to some aspect of life that is instrumental to our mental, physical, spiritual & social well-being. Each day will be themed so as you tune in - you'll know what to expect.

Take note.

Monday - Pick-Me-Up {Inspirational chat for that oh-so anticlimactic start of the week}
Tuesday - Fill & Fit Your Belly {Recipes, fitness, physical self}
Wednesday - Did you know...? {Hot topics. Whatever tickles my fancy}
Thursday - You is Special {Day O-Service for someone in need whether they know it or not}
Friday - Just Us Kids {Fun ideas to do with kids to be a more involved mama}

Hence the odd title - Miscellaneous, etc. This blog is going to be about so many different things! It will evolve & grow with me {& you} as I learn & rediscover things about myself. As I change the way I do things to improve my processes & try to keep progressing. Essentially to become a more well-rounded gal.

Some days will be short, blunt & to the point. Some will probably read like a novel. I'm not terribly predictable. My husband calls me an expressive personality. He even confirmed his suspicions by having me take a personality test that he brought home from work. No, surprisingly he is not an FBI agent. He's a financial analyst, go figure. I'm starting to think he means it as compliment. I love you, you logical, rational weirdo.

So you are welcome to join me on this journey of self discovery & learning. I'd love to hear your take on topics & laugh at all of our humanness. I invite you to a) become a friendly mate (a.k.a. follower - don't like that term one bit) & b) leave a comment to be entered into my FIRST giveaway. :) {For a little hint about this surprise, delightful gift, click here.} Good luck!

Stay tuned & again, welcome to Miscellaneous, etc.



  1. So fun! I love to read your stuff Heath. I can't wait to hear what you have to say!

  2. I am so excited for this blog! Hoorah!

  3. Too fun! Happy to have a little more contact with you and your expressive personality via Misc. Etc. :) Great work.

  4. So excited for your new blog! I love reading your material, you are too funny. ;) xoxo

  5. Love it!! Love your post, and blog design! Can't wait for more!!

  6. Fun,fun Heather. I am excited to see what you come up with!

  7. So fun!!! Can't wait to hear and read all the goodness :) You're awesome my dear friend...

  8. I can't wait to read more and I love how you adore my brother. Kisses.

  9. Yay, im sooo excited! It was already a wonderfully written blog post. :)

  10. This is going to be so much fun! I can't wait to have a "Heather" take on all the areas you will be writing on. I LOVE how you just say it like it is and usually make me laugh or smile sometime during your posts. Good luck!

  11. Your so cute Heather! I love reading your stuff! Hop on over to my blog and the blog I do reviews for, love ya!

  12. Thank you. My head is swimming in projects. I don't need one more blog like that to read. My blog is a mixture of both which seem to be few and far between these days. Your blog is my new refreshing favorite place to visit.