Monday, May 24, 2010


Some of my loudest laughs that I've ever bellowed have occurred in the dark while lying in bed talking to Husband. These are the moments I am my most relaxed. The kids are snug in their beds, sound asleep, I am cleansed, toned, moisturized & flossed & I am in comfy p.j.'s. All is right & this is when Husband & I get unusually giddy.

We talk about everything from how the day went, to why hair grows on knuckles. I enjoy these little chats & validations. To know there is another being on the planet that is just as quirky & as strange as me. To be able to share my life, my sorrows, my giggles & my most clandestine secrets.

I was relaying a story to Husband of how I'd seen a fire truck pull into one of the retirement communities close to our neighborhood. This made me sad as it didn't have its lights & sirens blaring. I knew that this was probably because their patient was already with the angels.

A few years ago, our next door neighbor passed away in the night. The fire trucks & ambulance had come without our knowledge & when I asked how that was possible I was informed it was because he was already gone by the time his wife had dialed 9-1-1. {Hence, they don't need the bells & whistles.}
This of course prompts one of my favorite games of... "What if when we're old I die in the middle of the night right here next to you. What will you do?"

With barely a pause he quips, "Well... I'll give you a kiss & then put on your wig because I know you'd want it that way."

Husband knows my fear of female hair loss in my elder years & he's playing up my geriatric insecurities. I punch him in the arm, but not without cracking a huge smile. {I'm glad we're in the dark so he can't see my weakness.} But after a moment I can't help it soon we are both rolling with laughter.

I'm glad he knows me so well. But even more so, I'm glad he'll love me even when I'm bald.

The picture at the top is to remind me that I did once have hair.
And this photo is possibly a candidate for later down the road.


  1. Dear friend
    Don't worry, I will give you some of my hair.
    Only because I love you hee hee hee!

  2. You are hilarious. Thanks for the laugh.

  3. Ha ha! Thats some great pillow talk you guys have going on!