Friday, May 28, 2010

GINORMOUS Decopaged Letters

ALPHA-BET your bottom dollar these are cute.

I am a tad obsessed with alphabet letters. Especially ginormous ones. I bought an H for my family room & painted it black.
I bought one for Dot's room & painted it green {of course}.
And... yes, I even bought one for Son's room. But I did something a bit different for his. He helped me pick out the paper, cut & glue.

  • Buy your paper mache letter at JoAnn Fabric & Craft Store. {$8.99}
  • Buy some Mod Podge while you're there & a foam brush.
  • You'll also need {three} sheets of scrapbook paper.
{mine all matched, but I suppose they don't have to.}

  1. Put you letter facing downward on your scrapbook paper pretty side down.
2. Trace the outline of the front of your letter. Then trace the curved sides of the letter. A little tricky, but you'll manage. {I tried to match up the pattern to make it look continuous.}

3. Glue your scrapbook cut outs to your letter with Mod Podge & then let it dry for a half hour or so.

4. Brush a thin layer of Mod Podge over your paper glued letter to finish it with a nice sheen & semi protectant.

5. I made a hole in the back of my letter & then hammered a nail into the wall to fasten it. If it tilts you can use an adhesive to make it stick, or I just nailed a bitty nail to the side of it to keep it vertical.

This would also be cute on a focal wall using their entire name using the same paper or various patterns.
Simple, inexpensive & again... something the kids can do with you!

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  1. I have several of these in my house, and love them. I like the paper that you used.