Monday, June 7, 2010

Things That Make Me Grit My Teeth & Clench My Fists

We all have those things that make our skin crawl with revulsion & get our nerves rivaled into a tizzy.

Here are some of mine:

The words moist & tender
When people speak & use the words uh, um, ah... every 7th word
The word "NO" defiantly shouted from a child {mine or otherwise}
The stench of dirty dishes
Arrogant/obnoxious people
Men in their late 50's who drive convertibles
The sound of a metal fork scraping along someone's front teeth
Women who don't wear bras
Ungrateful Americans
Flies in my house {killed 12 today - close the dang door kids!}
Male BO
Too much unrestrained cleavage
The cellulite that has bought real estate on the back of my thighs
Crabby Drivers
The middle finger {It's so long & vulgar when it stands alone}
Close mindedness
Rude neighbors that call the police on you
When people say supposebly instead of supposedly {if you do this, please stop}
Panty lines
When I breakout like a pubescent adolescent {what the crap!?}
Untrimmed & unruly chest, arm & leg hair
The words gyrate & member
And... when I get woken up from a DEEp sleep

I know there are others, but I'm sleepy.

You got any?
I'd like to feature my favorites. Make em good.


  1. Ditto to all! My little list of offenders include:

    Loud breathers{exempt if it's a medical condition}
    A good book ruined by the ending
    Jerks at sporting events
    Self Deprecation in search of compliments
    Know it alls {Falls under the category of arrogant/obnoxious people, but deserves special mention...just as THEY would have it.)
    Metal bed frames (Breaking toes since 1806)
    Guys wearing sunglasses indoors {Doubly irksome when worn on the back of their head}
    Dirty public restrooms

  2. Heather you forgot "People who smack their gum" I know that bugs you! Ha ha!

  3. I agree with all of those. "Supposebly" is not a word people! Neither is "irregardless"! It also bugs me when people say "anyhoo" instead of "anyway"...

    Something else that really irks me is habitual one-uppers. You tell a story and they respond with "Oh YEAH? Well let me tell you what happened to ME!!!" I wish they would just let me have my moment, hehe =)

  4. Wow! That's quite a list. I'm sure I have lots of pet peeves, but it's hard for me to think of any on the spot. Oh yes- one of my worst is when traffic slows way down because of people stopping to stare at an accident or a cop pulling someone over, then as soon as you pass the scene traffic goes back to normal. Does that even make sense? It bugs so bad!

  5. I'm definitely with you on the flies...kill them all!
    some of mine:
    interrupting people
    and debbie downers

    Sadly, some of my pet peeves I seem to do myself...[working on it]
    like: those listed above and
    Yelling my husbands name when I can get off my butt and either do it myself or ask politely
    ya, definitely peep peeves

  6. Men that wear tank tops (hate looking at arm pit hair)
    People that make fun of others with disability. (a teenager made fun of my daughter, who is 3)
    Parents who allow there kids to make fun of disabled people
    Cussing in public
    Clipping of fingers or toe nails in public
    Loud chewers
    People that are rude

    Thanks for the opportunity to get this off my chest.

  7. *Finger nail polish that's half chipped off.
    (get polish remover for cryin' out loud)

    *Crumbs on a table/counter.

    *People that tell a story and just keep repeating the same thing over and over again making the story waaaay to long.(I use to do this and my husband kicked me of that habit fast)

    *When a persons child is clearly acting up (at a resturant, store, church) and the parents try to ignore it instead of remove them.

    *People that try to make a left hand turn during rush hour resulting in a huge line of cars that all want to turn right.

    *Blowing your nose in a resturant.

    *People that wear black on black i.e. t-shirt with black pants. (the blacks are NEVER the same shade)

    *When I complain about pet peeves while I have so many faults of my own. :)

  8. Oh my... where to begin, where to begin???
    *When someone farts at the gym on the treadmill next to yours
    *People who let their kids run wild and climb on things they aren't suppose to
    *mechanical pencils
    *snapping gum of course
    *watching someone chew like they are a cow chewing on its last meal (sorry that one is rude)
    *people who come in for a haircut and say I want something totally different and fun... but don't take anything off. WTH?!
    *people who burp mexican food and it singes your nose hairs
    *Even worse than tender..... TENDER MERCIES!!!

  9. I realize I'm a little late on commenting, but here goes:


    ...and that's about it.