Monday, June 28, 2010


So would you believe I made it until Friday @ 6:30 p.m. without spending more than $1 on crap I don't need? Believe it, because it's truer than Royal Norman's forecast for this hotter than heck weekend. {Later suckas.}

I had the genius idea of going to--where of all places--to buy necessary items for our trip?


{Yes, you may judge me. Laugh & clap your hands with jubilee at my expense. Go ahead I know you want to.} This was a horrible, horrible idea. This enchanting store sucks all of the will power out of my spirit like a thirsty, hot, pouty vampire. I've done a post previously stating how Lucifer is the CEO of this establishment for the simple reason there's temptation & lust around every fabulous corner. I went to get...
  • cotton balls
  • condoms (sorry Mom, I do have sex.)
  • travel sized toiletries for my carry-on
That should have been it, right? Well it wasn't. You should have seen me justifying both points of view in the aisle ways.

I can put the items on hold & come back in the morning because then it will be Saturday & the challenge will be over.

What sense does that make? That's semi cheating anyway.

Well then I can just say the challenge ends at 6 o'clock like a normal work day.

Lamer. You are so, so weak.

So, both of these crazy personalities have good solid arguments. Well maybe not good. And--alright--definitely not solid. But points. I decided it was a stupid idea to have a challenge for myself just before leaving the country on vacation. I should have at least given myself a day to purchase fun, trippy items. So, I went ahead & purchased a few things that will be great to have on my trip. And I bought one item just for me--well, maybe Husband.

BUT I have to say from really Sunday, June 20th to Friday, June 25th @ 6 o'clock p.m., I did not buy ANYTHING that me or my family didn't need. {Except a sucker from Sprout's to keep Dot happy while I shopped. 6 for $1.} So, I believe this week was quite a success.

I'm afraid to ask, but how did you do?

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  1. Good for you. It really makes you stop and I really need this?? Can't wait to hear about your travels!!