Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Birth of Dot

{amazing photos by Kami}

There are few & far in between days that are better than the day one of your children is born. This day is unsurpassed with moments of beauty, wonder & awe. My life got even better {which I didn't think was possible} when I met Dot for the first time. She was puffy & red & even a little ugly, but man did I love her. She was the most beautiful ugly thing I'd ever seen.

Dot brought with her all the characteristics that you'd hope for your baby to have. Gentleness, contentment, sweetness, a slumber sleeper, an easy eater... a joyful bundle. Her birth also brought out some interesting issues within me that have made me a stronger individual in uncountable ways. This little being was made from me & for me. She is wise. Her baldness reminds me of a meditative monk ready to enlighten me about the ways of men & God. Her brown, richly tilled eyes make me want to see the world through their innocent lenses. Her mischievous grin reminds me what it's like to be a child in heart & mind. She's a delight. My mind often wonders what kind of relationship the two of us had in heaven. I know hands down she's more intelligent, beautiful & here to teach me a thing or two.

Dot is two today & even typing that makes me cry. She's my precious as Smeagol would say (yes, I looked up the spelling. I am technically a journalist). She's everything I'd hoped my first little lady to be.

Happy, happy, happy birthday sweet girl. You will forever be my happy angel.

We had an fantastical girlie party for our little princess filled with sugar {oops, didn't know how to get around that one}, lots of sparkly pretties, fluffy tulle, dress up clothes & darling little friends.

Big hat from Goodwill added with some satin ribbon & a large peony was just fun. So were the stickies.

Dot's dresser drawer was a cute last minute idea I thought.

Some fun wands I imagined up.

tissue pom pom tutorial {here}

However, I've had my fill of pink for a spell.


  1. What a cute bunch of kids!!! The party was so much fun and you did an AMAZING job decorating it. I Love how chill and layed back all the kids where, if you think about it that's pretty incredible for a 2 year old party. Happy Birthday Sage we sure LOVE YOU!

  2. Wow, you did a great job with her party! I cant believe she is TWO already! TIME FLIES!

  3. Cute girls!!! Navie seems that she is going to fall of the bench hahahahaha!.
    She was so happy with your delicious cupcake.
    You are the best!

  4. You are a stylist galore!

    These photos are incredible and baby Sage is so beautiful!!!

    Hugs, Aunt Sandy

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  6. I love that I have such a creative friend! Bravo, beautiful. Happy Birthday Sage!! It was fun hangin' today!!

  7. Adorable party. I like the drawer idea too. Just might have to borrow that one.