Monday, August 30, 2010

It'll Grow

"It's just hair. It'll grow."

I despise when people say this. First off, they've either never had a bad hair cut or an unfortunate incident with a wave iron {story for another time}. I've had both. But this post isn't prompted by my sudden nostalgia for my horrible hair catastrophes; it's about my kids'.


A few weeks ago Son received a haircut for the new school year. It had been long for quite some time & I enjoyed it. He looked like a little skateboard hoodlum & for some reason I thought that was cute. Nonetheless, this unfamiliar haircut episode piqued Son's creative interest. After returning from a shopping excursion for Dot's birthday I entered our home to see Son sitting on a chair, calmly watching a show in the midst of his own locks surrounding him on the wood floor. After seeing the scissors on the desk in front of him, my brilliant mind put two & two together.

He's cut his freaking hair.

Now, I didn't freak out at Son because we hadn't had this conversation before. However I did kind of freak out on Husband who was unawaringly mowing the backyard.

So, Thursday morning after reading my scriptures I came out of my bedroom ready to greet the day & my glorious children. I was ready to cook them a hearty breakfast & then head off to the gym. Instead of giving smiles & hugs I stopped in my tracks at Son's doorway. There on the carpet laid a two-inch golden lock; a lock that looked vaguely familiar. I know that lock. It was a lock that had taken Dot TWO GOSH DARN YEARS to grow!

I gasped & with that inhalation I was possessed by an evil woman. A woman who's face is ugly & contorted & who's shrill scream would make even the most brave man wither. She strikes fear into the faces of little children that should make her feel remorseful, but it only fuels her. It wasn't pretty & now looking back... the remorse is there.


It must have been a combination of feeling like my patience of the previous incident didn't matter. He didn't learn a darn blasted thing. Simply stating...

"Dot wanted a haircut."

Looking at Dot's mangled hair almost made me vomit. It was hacked & sharp. She looked like a mental patient. {My apologies to any mental patients whom you may know. It's just a fact.} So out of sheer anger I spanked Son; {twinge of sadness still pains me} something I regret doing. I had to leave his room. I was so angry. I shut the door fuming in my humanness as I mumbled incoherently.

Somehow I still managed to get us all to the gym on time, because heaven knows I needed to relieve some aggression. But as we entered the child care, the nightmare continued. Dot looked at the lady workers & with her sweetest little voice said... "Look I got a haircup! And Mama beat Son."

Oh laws. Here comes the cuffs.

After explaining the situation, {saying beat really means spank} I was taught by my children of my transgressions. Patience is a Godly trait & I am far from it. These situations help us refine those traits. After getting composure, Son & I had a nice talk & we all apologized to one another. Now it's my turn to LEARN from the experience & try harder next time to not let the evil woman let loose.

So yes, it'll grow. But seriously... shut up.

A bit ashamed.



Sure lucky to have that cute face.


  1. It happens to every little girl at one point or another:) I remember doing it to a little friend of mine right before her family pictures...her mom was sooooo mad! :)

  2. She is so beautiful, but Jonah had it coming to him. I would've handled it the same way. Still, it makes a great story. Combine it with "Heather Humor" and it makes an excellent blog post.

  3. If I could count how many haircuts I have fixed on little ones who choose to take the scissors to their heads.

    I am so sorry. I would have lost it also.
    Good luck with that one.

  4. Heather--great writing (I must say) and such an endearing story--it happened to me with my 9 kids too! But you are right--It will grow!

  5. O.M.G. if I find some baby extensions I will bring them right over! Love the shameful pics though... I needed that laugh! I could just see the veins in ur neck popping out! And yes it is a good thing she is a cutie pie;)

  6. My husband always wondered why I got so upset over hair. Clearly he doesn't understand. My oldest whacked one side (to the scalp) of my daughter's hair despite my efforts to keep ALL scissors out of reach. It was a good thing he was at preschool when I made the discovery. By the time he got home, I had calmed down enough to discipline him appropriately. She is still darling, but I hope it grows back faster than it grew in the first place. And hopefully neither will do it again.

  7. Oh, Mama - been there, done that with my then 6 year old who decided to cut bangs. I'm so sorry.