Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Tip for Kitchen

This is a small tip, but in my kitchen it has created a HUGE impact. I purchased these inexpensive containers at Wal-Mart; they came in a two-pack for about $2. Ridiculous. Since I'm a grain fanatic, putting my grains & other misc. items in organized, larger containers has made my shelves look orderly & systematized. TWELVE of these beauts fit like a glove in my two pull out shelves.

When my things are in order I can better manage my food inventory, spend less money on duplicate items, rotate them regularly & buy only the essentials I need for our weekly meal plans or our needed food storage.

You can go as far as labeling each bin according to its contents if you'd like, something I've meant to do, but realize it's not a necessity. {They're see-through for pity sake. We gotta stop somewhere fellow OCD crazies.}

Measure your shelves' dimensions before purchasing containers so you can maximize your space. In small spaces, every inch counts.

Good luck!


  1. All my cupboards and shleves full of orgainzed containers is my dream! Did you get those a long time ago...I'll have to see if they still have them??

  2. Maybe a year ago. I'm sure they still have them. It's their generic brand, whatever that is. Home... something or other. :) Easy & cheap. You go Kylie!

  3. I need to get some too!!!!
    Thankyou for the tip friend.

  4. I love looking at organized cupboard but mine never seam to stay that way! One of these day i will hopefully have that talent. Until then i will just have to look at yours! :)

  5. I would need to use colors that are the same as my granite for my OCD issues; seriously!!!

  6. HA HA! Great minds think alike! About a week and half ago, I just a weevil problem and decided each, individual pasta, flower, oat, etc. will go in separate containers. It does work fabulously doesn't it! Although, my cupboards don't look as cool as yours.