Friday, October 29, 2010

Just another reason...

Here's just another reason the kids & I are so lucky. He'll do anything for a laugh {even if it is at his own expense} & today we laughed... a lot.

Congratulations "BEST costume workers of 2010" @ Husband's work. You so deserve all the acclamations of prestige!

Best first reactions from the kids regarding his disco/porn/sleazy get-up.

Son: You don't look like my dad, but you sound like him.

Sage: Dad, you crazy!

Happy Halloween to all! Find your inner child & let it shine.


  1. awesome! so I totally laughed when I read the craigslist post (which I wish I had room in my house to buy it btw..whine whine)...but I've had a similar email and laughed out loud too. wish I would have kept it so I could share. what are these people thinking...honestly!?

  2. Where did Tadd get those old clothes?

    The pants make him look heavier than he really is in "real" life.

    I can still remember when men wore pastel polyester leisure suits! And to make it even worse they wore white shoes and white belts with the ensemble!

  3. That is Hilarious and i love what the kids said, so funny!