Friday, November 5, 2010

What's Better?



What's better than an awesome Mom? Not much. I'm not talking about myself, I'm talking about my mother. She's got to be the most loving, compassionate mother in the entire world. And not only that, she's an amazing grandma too. SCORE.

How many moms take a day off just to help their daughter with her crazy life? Get lunch for us, help clean up around the house & then take the kids for a day of fun? I am so, so blessed. I want to be that kind of a mom.

We just found out not long ago we are expecting our third child at the beginning of this summer. We thought it was time to start trying for this new little addition & apparently that was all the notice that was necessary. Not immaculate, but very, very prompt.

Adjusting to the new hormones has been an added shock. {How is shock possible by baby #3?} Nauseous, tired, ponytails, puke... all things that usually come with the first trimester, yet this time it's like I'd forgotten just how crappy it feels. Every night at its worse, I squeeze the cheeks of my little ones, puckering their lips to stare into their large, dark eyes. They usually say something funny & I remember why in the world I'm doing this.

But, what's better?

To have a healthy baby growing inside of me. To have an amazing husband who tries his hardest to make all of us blissfully happy. To have a wonderful, supportive family who loves me. To have amazing friends who give great hugs & warm smiles.

Today is a good day. Held down a Chick-fil-a sandwich & a cherry limeade. Made my bed. Almost took a shower. And... for the icing... I posted!

Welcome sweet baby. I'm trying to make a safe, loving home for you in there. And I promise, I'll love you even more in the second trimester. :)

Happy Weekend to all!


  1. Congrats Heather! Just let me know if there is anything I can do! I remember the sickness all so well. Yuck Yuck!

  2. Congrats!!! How exciting for you & your family. I hope you feel better! This, too, shall pass.

  3. Hey, didn't I just ask you about that? Congratulations!!!

  4. Boy can I relate, I'm expecting my fifth, and finally entered my second trimester---it's so much better. Congratulations and Good Luck!

  5. Heather dear, that is great news!!! Hang in there. The pictures of the kids are adorable too. "Son" looks so mature. :)

  6. Your Mom is so sweet! Maybe she can come to my house next! :)

  7. COngrats!! And I thought the same thing - #3 is the hardest.