Monday, January 10, 2011



[hahy-ey-tuhs] -noun, plural-tus·es, -tus.action,

1. a break or interruption in the continuity of work, series, action, etc.

{Sounds very similar to motherhood huh?}

Hm... that sounds accurate. Holidays, birthdays, family, growing fetus... so many hiatic {I just totally made that word up, but I'm too tired to care & frankly I think it sounds like it should be} things that blogging has become almost a burden. {Gasp if necessary. You all know what I mean.} Everything seems to be arduous during this pregnancy. I've morphed into Pregnant Heather -- someone I don't recognize & if we're being honest... I don't really like all that much. Is it possible to not like yourself?

Well Pregnant Heather is kind of a drag. She's always tired, is kind of dumb, saying nonsensical things & at times is a negative shrew. Things like dishes, charging a camera battery & taking a shower are difficult tasks. How pathetic is that? However life is definitely getting better - all except the trash debacle today. (See below.) While being proactive Pregnant Heather decided it was time to clean up after a whirlwind weekend. Mondays usually leave Normal/Awesome Heather feeling energized ready to take on the week & world. That is... usually. Today Pregnant Heather was a bit too proactive attending an advanced step class at the gym that she hasn't attended in two months. Proudly she stayed for the whole thing & did surprisingly well for being... Pregnant Heather.

When returning home, a shower & getting ready was quick. Wow. A follow-up visit for Dot's arm was hardly a big deal. Super. Returning home & getting lunch for the kids felt like life-as-usual again. Oh bless-ed day. Has Normal Heather returned to reclaim her throne? Is Pregnant, Sick, Wenchy Heather been exorcised? The hope that crept into my little, fragile, baby logged brain brought with it a sense of extreme euphoria. A surge of endorphins must have followed as I began cleaning the kitchen; scrubbing plates, wiping cabinets, opening the kitchen's garbage to take out the trash... an unfortunate inhale of breath involuntarily took over as I simultaneously ingested the foulest smell wafting from the opening.

Wretch. Saliva. Dry heave.

It was all I could do but run into the backyard & expel all of my breakfast into the frozen, dead lantanas.

Pregnant Heather.

So yes... I apologize if it sounds like I'm complaining, but I am Pregnant Heather... what do you expect. BUT... life is returning. I'm cracking more jokes, I'm blogging & I actually watched Food Network for the first time in 4 months. Hello food! So recipes to come. Activities to come. Humorous anecdotes to come as well. The new year is here & I'll enter it as Heatherlicous as I can muster.

Hello to all... if you're still there...


  1. Pregnant Stacia COMPLETELY understands. I don't know if it's a different gender, or the fact that I'm on #3, but this pregnancy has been a killer one for me! So I forgive you for your lack of posts. ;) Glad to see you're returning though!

  2. Funny---I remember--Them were de days!!

  3. Still here... Congrats to you on baby #3!

  4. You hiatusize as much you like. We love and support you STILL! I want to catch up. I tried quinoa (thanks for the inspiration) and I have a great new recipe for you using it!