Thursday, February 10, 2011

New Reads

It's always fun to take the kids to the library to find some new reads. On our last outing we found this gem called "The Cheese" by Margie Palatini. I thought it appropriate because the kids have been singing "The Farmer in the Dell" for months & this book has a fun twist on the bizarre nursery rhyme. So we've been enjoying this in our nightly repertoire for reading time the past week or two.

After taking Son to school today, Dot & I returned for an afternoon snack. I opened one of our coveted canned peaches & scooped it with a big spoonful of cottage cheese. Dot looked at me warily & began eating her peaches. When her peaches were digesting nicely in her tummy she started to get down without touching, or looking at her helping of cottage cheese.

I simply said, "What about your cottage cheese?"

With seriousness & resolve she continued climbing down off her stool & looked at me in the eyes like I'd forgotten an important rule, "But the cheese stands alone Mom."

She toddled off as I bit my lip & giggled at my child's conclusion. That smart cuss.

How do I argue with that? Apparently the cheese does stand alone.