Thursday, April 28, 2011

Buffet Patience

You patient 'lil birds! Life is good & busy. Right? My dance recital is on Saturday & I can no longer touch my toes. For a dancer it's a little humiliating, but I'm coping with poking & prodding my sweet "peanut" as he nudges me back. Oh for the things to come lovey. :)

So we are in the works of a great room transformation! We figure since we will be in our house for a few more years instead of moving... we'll make some changes to freshen it up & make it new to us. Luckily we know how to do it cheap.
The first of many changes to come...


And lookie here what's replaced her...

A big beautiful wall!

Remember her?

& her. {sigh} She's had a complete face lift.
And although she's not fully decorated yet... she will be very soon.

A new t.v. Welcome to the digital age Hinzes.

new hardware from Lowe's & Hobby Lobby.

Total cost of buffet transformation?
Buffet: $100
Paint: $10 for a quart (Dove white from Valspar)
Hardware: $45

Not bad since I was coveting this from Ballard Design for a whopping $800...

Other things in the works...

repainted bookcase
new Craigslist Nightstands
new picture wall

Can't wait! Is this called nesting? Hm...
Well our nest is going to be lovely.


  1. Looks so cute. I knew you'd do a beautiful job.

  2. It looks AMAZING! Can't wait until its all done! :)

  3. I love how the buffet turned out! I want to come see it after your all done decorating!

  4. I should have figured you were just busy but I was starting to worry a little. I love the new buffet! It looks absolutely fabulous of course. I still think you guys should have a little furniture restoration company on the side. I love the outcome but I don't have the knowledge or knowhow to make a piece look as awesome as you do. I want a belly pic! I'm sure you look gorgeous as always!