Friday, April 9, 2010

The Joy that is Them

{Images by Kami Lunt}
thanks Whit

The first time I knew I was a mother happened the day before Easter 2004. It was the first month we'd even considered trying to have a baby & it seemed to be easy from the get go. I even surprised the husband with an Easter basket full of baby paraphernalia. Binkies, bottles a bib I think. He hesitantly opened the bunny card as he read the inside script:

"Congratulations Daddy."

It was a great day.

That feeling continued for another 3 wonderful days. Husband & I shared this sacred secret & all was right in the world. But soon our happiness would be thwarted. I lost that sweet, tiny little baby just shortly later. Not nearly long enough to produce a live, breathing baby, but nonetheless long enough to make me a mother.

After the miscarriage it took us a year to the month to conceive our precious Son. He didn't want to leave Heaven, but we're sure glad he did. Two years later we were again blessed with another healthy, beautiful baby. Dot has been a light in our home shining brightly & loved by all.

These little people bring so much joy with them. Their innocence is endearing. Their fresh faces are easy to love & their belly laughs melt my heart.

I love when Son gets sweaty & his little hairs precariously stick to his wet forehead. I love Dot's puppy breath against my neck in the morning as she whispers, "Mama," nuzzling close. I love when my children tackle me to the ground with giggles full of mischief. I love how they make me want to be a better person so I can be better for them.

Fridays will be about them. What I can do to be a better Mommy for these two humans I helped create. To show I love them enough to do special things not just for them, but with them.

Thank you Son & Dot. You are the best two gifts I could ever pray for. We are so blessed have you make up our family & it's my prayer that everyday I can try to live up to the mighty Bestower's expectations.

Love you to the sky,



  1. thank you. i needed to hear this today. it's all in lowercase today as i peck my way through while holding my precious little one.

  2. I am excited about your blog! There aren't enough inspirational blogs out there. I can't wait to read more!

    P.S. I found your blog through Holly's. I haven't ever commented on hers but I have been a reader and fan of hers for a long time.

  3. what a great post! I had a miscarriage too at 10 wks and know how it makes you feel, when you get to bring that little one into the world, love ya heath!

  4. I know right? It totally worked. Images look great. perfect size