Friday, April 16, 2010

Love or Deuce

One thing that needs to be addressed is the genetic gene instilled within each Hinze. The gene of tennis. It is complicatedly interlaced within the fabric of their DNA & there is no way to extract it. Son has become aware of this beloved racket sport from his father & is now smitten. And so the gene is passed on...

I've never seen Husband so proud. Last night after putting Son to bed, he heard him mumbling something. When husband asked him what he was muttering; Son whispered through the darkness:

"You know Dad, with the rackets & the green balls... Tennis Dad! Can we go play tomorrow?"

{I honestly thought Husband might cry while recounting this dialogue.}

Husband was once a mighty competitor in these parts. He played collegiate tennis at Utah State {GO AGGIES!} & also held a #4 ranking in the Southwest. But after years of being plagued with injuries, he's been benched from this lifelong love. However, through miracles he's slowly healing & has been able to play with us without too much pain.

Luckily, as an "adopted" Hinze, I've realized this gene is also contagious. I've been enamored by the game. I used to think tennis was for the kids who didn't make the basketball or baseball teams. You know - the wusses. Kids who weren't coordinated or were a little portly.

So when Husband asked me out on our first real date, I was all a-twitter. But the twitterness subsided a smidge when he informed me I would be going to watch him play in a tennis tournament. Huh? I knew he played tennis because he was #1 on Scottsdale's team, but a tournament? Oh no, he's a boring wimp!

Nevertheless I met him at the courts when he & his competitor were well into the first set. Husband's shaggy hair was held back with a bandana & his tan skin shimmered under the florescent lighting as he hit a winner approach shot down the line.

Whoa. This is tennis?

That ball was going... fast!

To say the least it was a little bit sexy. It was even sexier that he'd forgotten to mention it was the finals. He's no dummy & apparently full of confidence because he easily won the tournament that night & walked away with two trophies. Some plaque & me of course. {A little cheesy, I know.}

So we owe a lot to tennis. It paid all the bills for school, it was how we met in the parking lot at SCC {me going to dance & him going to tennis} & now it is a fun way to spend time together as a family. It's our special time. I love watching Husband's face as Son hits a perfect forehand over the net with top spin. Classic.

Although Dot only likes to throw all the balls out of the basket at this point & ride her trike around the courts, I know soon she'll be swinging a pink racket.

So if you've never tried, borrow some rackets & go to the nearest junior high by your house. If you have little ones it's perfect. Lock the fence & bring some balls. They'll be in paradise.

And here's an extra little perk. If you leave a comment & become a follower {Arizonians}, one lucky winner {& their spouse/mate/partner/what have you} will receive one free tennis lesson from Husband! I'll be there too helping so it won't be awkward. Well, I can't promise that, but... You can bring all the kids & we can make it a party. Pizza at the courts - the works! {So don't hurt his feelings & please comment, or else he'll really feel like a wuss.}

Have a happy week-end & get outside. It's gorgeous!


  1. Go Aggies from me too!! When were you at Utah State. That is where we lived when I married my hubby. WE hope to return to the beloved Logan some day.

  2. Let's see. My math is rusty... 2001 - 2003. We both graduated in 2003. Husband in Finance & Econ & me in Journalism & PR. Small world. It's gorgeous there. We lived right below Old Main.

    However, for us the winters are too cold. BRR. Ice & I don't mix. I must have slid down that hill {not for sport} more than I'd like to recall. Nothing is more humiliating than people walking by you asking you, "Are you okay?" or "Can I help you up?"

    My reply would always be, "I'm just going to lie here for a moment. The inversion look lovely from here."

    GO AGGIES! Thanks for commenting! You're a champ. :)

  3. I NEED this! I haven't a clue about tennis and I'm probably the most uncoordinated for this sport, but I really would like to learn!

  4. Thank you Amber, Heather and Holly for the great photography win. I don't want to be a winner hog, but I'd love for Chandler and Payson to win a tennis date with their Uncle Tadd.