Thursday, April 15, 2010


As Husband & I lay in bed conjuring up our ideas & dreams for our life together, the conversation is never complete until we discuss our forthcoming posterity.

We've hoped for 4 beautiful children to make up our family, but haven't quite solidified the number yet. Two boys & two girls sounds nice. All with straight teeth & silken hair. All tenderhearted, yet independently wise beyond their years. You know the dreams. The dreams of your children.

We've dreamed of another small, gentle girl. One to yet join us here. Her name would be Eden & she would be just as glorious as that first garden. She'd be a leader for everything good. We'd love her fiercely & in return she'd love us.

But, this dream has changed as of late. My dear, sweet sister-in-law, Laura also had a dream of her Eden & just Tuesday she was born in the the wee hours. She is small, gentle & glorious. She is indeed perfect.

Now I could have been difficult {which I'm known to be on occasion. I know, shocker.}. I could've complained {which I did} & moped {which I did} & felt sorry for myself {which, yep, I did}. But, in the end, I decided I needed to get over it. There's other fish in the sea, right?

So before she entered our world I decided for closure I needed to make her a special gift - a name sign. {I know torturous, but it's how I deal.} Laura told me she'd like one & even if deep down I wasn't sure if I could do it, I'm too stubborn to give up that easy.

But the funniest thing happened while I really tried to do something kind for someone I truly love. It felt great. It felt right. I felt at peace. It was the perfect way to let go & say good-bye to the dream of my Eden. After all, it is just a name. My sweet baby girl could be waiting for me still. And her name will come someday... just as she will.

{Deep sigh. Sorry for the ominous mood.}

So, I thought I'd share my efforts with you because although it was just a "craft," -- I learned a whole heck of a lot about myself.


This sign is super easy to make & it also packs a punch in a room.

What you will need:

1 2'X4' slab of MDF (I have them cut mine in half (1'X4') at Home Depot while I'm there. Easier & Son LOVES the big saw.)
Mod Podge
Foam Brush

8-10 pieces of scrapbook paper (cute ones :) I've found the less matchy, matchy you make it, the better it turns out.)
Wooden letters
Liquid Nails (caulk gun)


1. First paint the letters your desired color. (I just antiqued my white letters with a glaze.)
2. Sand your letters to distress them (optional).
3. Paint the edges around your MDF board.
4. Cut scrapbook paper to desired lengths & make your pattern.

5. Apply the Mod Podge to the board & quickly apply your paper. Smooth with a ruler to minimize bubbling.
6. After all of your paper is glued to the MDF, go over entire paper surface with a top coat of Mod Podge.
7. Let dry.
8. Space appropriately & use Liquid Nails to adhere letters to the MDF.
9. Let it cure for 24 hours before hanging.

Kelly & I. Great job on the nursery Kelly. Check it out here!
Enjoy! Love you already baby Eden!



  1. Very celestial of you. Here's some terrestial-(spell?) advice, name your dog or first family pet after one of her kids. I am just kidding, I know you love your nieces and nephews.

  2. The sign is beautiful Heather. Love it!! You are so talented... we need to hang out more so you can teach me to be more "crafty". Haha. =P

  3. Miss Heath...I'm proud of you! And PS I love the name sign....seriously cutest thing ever! I can't wait to take pictures of that lil Eden!!!

  4. Uggggg...that really would be hard. Great job! Your sign is adorable.

  5. Friend!!!! I want this signs for my girls.

  6. I love your name signs and I love that I can still use the name Eden even if you can't. This is me sticking my tongue out at you. :)