Wednesday, April 14, 2010

One Household Under God

The other day while I was helping Son clean up his room I overheard him muttering something to himself. They weren't the naughty words he usually mumbles like bummy-bum, or poo-poo pee. {You know the ones.} It was a clear, concise: "with liverty & justice bore all."

Excuse Me?

My ears perked up as my spine aligned vertebrae by vertebrae. "What did you say?" I said more accusingly than I'd intended.

He looked at me like he'd been busted.

Recognizing his frozen posture I continued, "Buddy! Where'd you learn that?" I hurried on before he could answer. "That's the dang Pledge of Allegiance! Did you learn that at preschool?"

{Let me just remind you all that Son is 4 & apparently a child genius.}

He nodded with wide eyes. I laughed right out loud while clapping my hands with delight. "Son, that's awesome! Can you start from the beginning? I pledge allegiance..."

And off he went.

These days I'm grateful I can send my child to the preschool of my choosing & have them come home to show me the fruits of their virtuous, learned curriculum. Fabulous, wonderful curriculum that teaches our children we ARE a nation under God. And let's not forget it.

*Task: Teach your young children the Pledge of Allegiance. Shocker, they'll actually retain it.

Check it out.

Thank you Becky & Lynn for teaching my baby some
fantastic, recited patriotism!


  1. Seriously cutest thing ever!! His little voice is so precious.

  2. The best! I had no idea Crew had learned it in his preschool, til I saw another mom post her daughter who was in his class doing it, then I asked him if he knew it, and he said the whole thing. I had no idea, I was shocked!! Funny!

  3. Isn't it amazing what they will retain?

    I feel like it is so important in this time that our children know how lucky we are to live in America. (now if Obama would go away.)

  4. How cute is that! When My little sweetie said it for the first time i about died. Its so cute to hear such a little person say it all the way through.

  5. Those little preschoolers pick up on EVERYTHING!!! We have a whole class of child geniuses:)...Ask him to sing months of the year and days of the week too.

  6. Precious Heather! You have a gem of a video here!