Friday, April 23, 2010

A Pocket full of Posies

Thanksgiving 2008 Fletcher Family Annual Peralta Trail Hike
{I sure do miss those glasses}

Some of my favorite memories from my childhood are hiking the Superstition Mountain's Peralta Trail with my Dad. The Arizona desert has its beauties, but my favorite time of year is the spring when wildflowers are in bloom & the creek washes are satisfied with extra rainwater.

I love hiking the footpaths with a slight breeze rustling through my hair & a pack full of snacks resting on my back. The smell of the sun ray's warming my skin & the dampness of my hairline as I excitedly jog up the mountainside.

I want my kids to have these memories. I want them to appreciate the beautiful world we live in & admire God's creations up close while using their little bodies usefully. I want to show them the boulder that looks like a sofa & the hole in the rock you can put your face through to see to the other side.

I want to build these memories & traditions with them.

Traditions don't mean anything if you don't do them. Saturday morning will be the day of the Hinze hike up Peralta Trail. Husband will bring plenty of water, Dot will probably fall a few times & Son will pick me a pocket full of posies.

And I... I will be in heaven.

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  1. How Fun!, I have only been twice. I love being in nature. Cute picture btw. :)