Thursday, April 8, 2010

Spread a lil Sunshine

Serving our fellow men sometimes seems like an arduous task, but when done, you seem to find yourself feeling more at peace... if done with the right intention.

I've tried to do service because I'm supposed to before & it didn't work out all that well for me or the recipient of my so-called love. I bit off more than I could chew out of obligation & begrudgingly made a meal for someone in need. Instead of doing it with a grateful heart, I did it will a heart of resentment.

"They're not the only ones in need right now. I haven't showered in days. My children have been yelled at all night because I've been trying to get this stupid casserole finished & it looks like vomit anyway. Son's got a hacking cough & Dot's crying at my feet while finding & unloading random Tupperware in my lower kitchen cabinets I never even knew existed. AHHHH! I hate SERVICE!"

{Yep. Sidestep quick before you get hit by the lightning.}

This is one of those instances that don't count being categorized as service. This is being a faker. A trier. A poser. A hypocrite. Don't get defensive. I'm calling myself these things. I've been all of adjectives on one occasion or another.

So what's the missing link? What's the piece of the puzzle that changes this scenario into true charitable, neighborly service?

A desire to do good? No, had that.

A need to be recognized for being compassionate & in tune?
Definitely, not.

How about trying with the whole heart?
Getting warmer.

And what about keep doing until practice makes perfect?

So friends, we can't DO ALL all the time. Simplify. Do what you can, when you think of it, when you feel inspired. Something big, something tiny, something full of love.

While out shopping at Trader Joe's they had the most darling, freshly cut daffodils for sale. After putting them in water, they open up overnight to unveil the most glorious, colorful spring blooms. I thought they'd brighten some of my very dear friends day & by golly I was right. Something tiny, but something inspired.

Find something tiny to do this week to inspire someone else! Spread a lil Sunshine!

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  1. Just wanted to say...Thank You! I was one of the recipients of those beautiful daffodils and it did brighten my day. Although i can't remember what was eating at me that day i do remember what i felt when i received them. It put a smile on my face because someone cared. So Thank You! :)

  2. GOod stuff. Man you ARE a good writer. I hope the book comes out. I will totally read it.