Monday, May 3, 2010

Old People

I don't know what it is with me & old people, but they've always held a special place in my heart. Little old couples shuffling down the sidewalk hand in hand... aww... A sweet elderly gentleman that holds the door for me at some pharmaceutical establishment... aww... A blue haired woman smiling as she witnesses me juggling a baby on one hip, a gallon of freshly squeezed O.J. on the other, while chasseeing after Son to keep him away from the candy aisle... aww... There's just something about them that makes my heart happy.

Side note: {Husband has been known to say if I ever left him, it would probably be for a little old man. Now, this is of course ludicrous as I am not attracted to little old men, but nonetheless, the thought is still humorous to him.}

So the other day as a family we were stopped at a light waiting to turn right on a "no turn on red." Husband was annoyed he'd missed his opportunity to turn as I bopped along to the music, feeling alive in the spring morning air with all the windows rolled down. Son & Dot sat in the backseat & everything was dandy.

Until... we see a sweet elderly woman begin to cross the street & I of course say, "Aww." Husband rolls his eyes. We all watch her shuffle across the street awkwardly. Again, my heart pangs slightly as my lip jets out in a childish pout.

Just then, when the little dear had made it half way across the intersection, an impatient driver rudely honks their horn, {yes, inhale swiftly} I'm assuming in an effort to speed her along.


{The windows are down mind you.} I climb onto Husband's lap to lean out his window,
"Shut up!" I screech at the driver across the way. Husband is also visibly offended as he joins in "Come on!"

The sweet little lady tries to speed up her aging body as she clumsily limps to hurry to get out of the way. Waving her apologies as if she even NEEDS to!

I thought I might blow a gasket. I had every intention of following that rude individual & giving them a piece of my mind. But Husband was driving.

He turns heading for home as I spew out in a hurry, "Can you believe that? What were they thinking? That person is evil. Who does that? Is it really that important to get to the next light that you have to practically run over an old lady in the process? What did that save them... 15 seconds? Are they a surgeon..." And on & on...

Husband nods, agreeing with me. Wise play.

I drag Son into the conversation. "Son. We don't ever honk at little old ladies do we? No. We get out of our cars & help them if needs be, right? Shame on them."

He nods. He always nods when Mom has crazy eyes & veins popping out of her neck. Wise play.

I could feel the perspiration begin to saturate the lining of my shirt under my arms & I figure it's time to settle down. The other more empathetic part of my brain starts to kick in... Maybe it was a woman in labor. Maybe it was a surgeon. Maybe it was an undercover cop driving to the scene of a crime.

Ridiculous. Maybe they're just a moron.

Unfortunately my humanness has caused my annoyance to not be bated. I am still upset about this situation. Who seriously does that? Who honks at an old lady crossing the street? It's almost comical, really.

This experience has confirmed to me the Golden Rule {attributed to Jesus}; "" Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."

When you're 83 years old, do you want to be honked at while crossing the street on a beautiful spring day?

I can guarantee I don't. And in all my mortal glory, I can also guarantee the Golden Rule will not be the first thing on my wrinkled little mind if I do get honked at. So beware.

Challenge: Smile & compliment an elderly individual this week. Let's make up for that sad excuse of "I'm in a hurry." Slow down & take a moment to enjoy our final spring days.

And for goodness sake. Don't honk.


  1. I seriously love you! Ha ha ha!

  2. First of all i am the same way. I LOVE old people! They seam to always put a smile on my face. Second, Honking at a elderly women......that would get my blood boiling as well. Some people!