Friday, May 21, 2010

Son's Day Of Fun

As you recall last Friday's post was about Son's Day Of Fun. And that it was. We made a darling list & this is what it said:

See that first one there? Get Clay Popsicles.

Clay is one of Son's buddies. He had his tonsils taken out last week, so Son thought it would be nice to go "get him some Popsicles for his hurt throat." When he said these words I nearly burst into tears. On my boy's Day Of Fun he wanted to do something kind for someone else. Oh there is a Heaven above! There is an Omnipotent Being aware of me & my efforts! It was a proud moment for me to call myself his mother.

So I think we should all follow Son's example today. Ask your kids what they would like to do for someone else today. Pull someone's weeds, bake some bread (NO COOKIES remember!), visit someone who's sick, or lonely, color Grandma a picture, iron Daddy's shirts... I'm starting to catch on that these little humans really do observe the good & the bad from us. Get them involved in as much good as possible & they won't even recognize it as service. That's just what people do for each other. Love.


Another fun thing Son & I worked on the other week was a display gallery to showcase all of his masterpieces. It was an easy project. The wood was left over from a friend's project that she gave to me. For a while I thought I was going to make a growth chart out of it until my sister-in-law gave me these fun clips she found at a garage sale of some sort. I put the two & two together & came up with this... What'cha think?

Stop on by each Friday for my 4-part series of easy-cheesy projects for your kids' rooms. Fun ideas you can do together!

So Happy Friday!

And... Here's a Happy Anniversary shout out to my love. {May 22, 2001.} It's been a GLORIOUS 9 years of blissful marriage. Here's to forever & ever. I'm sorry bud. You're stuck with me.


  1. Love the gallery. I have something similar to that in my home. It works great.

  2. What a sweet little guy! He sure know how to make a fun list. The display thing is adorable! I really need one of those! It will have to be one of my summer projects.

  3. That really was so thoughtful of sweet Jonah boy- to have a day of fun for yourself and think service first! I don't know that I would have done that. :)