Thursday, May 20, 2010

Baked Goods Boycott!

Why is it that when we want to do something nice for someone, we bake them something that will ultimately hurt them? Cookies, brownies, cupcakes. Put down the spatula & refined sugar, gals. Now don't get all offended, I'm guilty as well. But isn't this odd?

Here's what I propose: In the busy-ness of everyone's lives with e-mail & blogs & kids & texting & IMing & Facebook {don't get me started}... do any of us remember how to physically write? Seriously? When is the last time you wrote something longer than a grocery list or your name on a check? Do you even own stationary? Or a pen?

Think of someone today that might need a kind word. That might feel your love through the loop in your Y or the dot in your I & send them a note in the mail. A full on addressed, stamped, enveloped keepsake. Do it today. It's easy & will mean a lot to that friend receiving your words. And who doesn't like getting something other than junk mail or bills anyway?

May your words be filled with your heart's message. {That sounds like a Hallmark card, huh?} Oh well. Hopefully you all don't get cramps in your hand from this assignment.

And remember... NO COOKIES for service for an entire month! Why gift someone with cottage cheese on their saddlebags? Think out of the box - literally, you Betty Crockers.

Ooo... And if you haven't left a comment & become a follower... DO because apparently my giveaway is awesome & the cut off is TONIGHT @ midnight. But, there has been a change of plans. Husband is whisking me away for a 24-hour anniversary delight Friday night. Hip, hip! So, if you don't mind... the day off the makeover will now be on Saturday! So, win or not, you all must go out with your lover for a night of fun & romance Saturday evening. And next week I'll post some tips from my arsenal of shallow knowledge for the masses! Run along now & comment...

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  1. That is a great idea to send a card in the mail! I really need to do that. Thanks for the reminder! :) Great post!!!