Wednesday, May 19, 2010

How To Do It All... wisely

I don't like this phrase. All? What is all? All to me might be something entirely different than what it means to you. I remember a while back one of my dearest friends asked me, "Where in the world do you find time to do the things you do? How do you do it all?"

This question stumped me.

At the time she was referring to my obsession with:

organic cooking,

summer canning,

getting ready for another year of dance,

choreographing a piece for Mesa High's Euporea Dance Company's concert,

raising two kiddos, {in good times & in...}

finishing my first novel...
... all things I enjoy. It wasn't until after she'd mentioned my long list of activities that I started to realize... dang, that's a lot of stuff. But here's the crux of the matter... they are all things I enjoy. She has her things, I have mine. Perhaps she'd rather die than can {but seriously, how could you not love that plink sound?}, or the thought of teaching dance seems exhausting, or writing a novel seems arduous.

We are all our own people. Your all might seem like boredom & death to me, just like my all might seem like misery & pain to you. You see where I'm going?

Do it all, gosh darn it. As long as it makes you happy & you aren't compromising yourself for the sake of doing. Whoopsie Daisy. Guilty. I've learned something about myself by starting this blog. {*A Heather first, pay attention!*} I bite off more than I can chew at times. I like to call it ambition or gumption. Husband calls it foolishness. When I told Husband about my concept for this blog, he looked at me confused. "How is that simplifying your life -- by writing everyday?" Ba-hum-bug, I wanted to shout.

That just made me want to do it more. {I like to call that tenacity. Husband calls it defiance.}

I was all jazzed about writing everyday on this thing until I realized I have to edit my novel someday. Spending time & energy thinking up what I'm going to write about on here, writing it & then going to try & edit my novel later... it leaves me creatively zapped with nothing to add to my editing process. {Husband knew this would happen. He's like a freaking Jedi.}

Husband's right! Shh... don't tell him. It'll go right to his handsome, little head. In this instance I can't do it all because it's compromising what I love to do for the sake of doing it. Dang you Heather!

So here's the deal. I need to cut down on my posts for the time being. Not dramatically, just enough to take the pressure off myself. If I tell myself I don't HAVE to write everyday... phew, that helps my messed up psyche. And who am I kidding? I LOVE to write. But this solution makes it possible for me to choose my time wisely between two fun things & hopefully do a good job at both of them. However, editing has turned out to be not so fun, but if I really want to make a go of this dream, I've got to give it my all. {Maybe I should scrap it & start fresh. Ha ha... I think I might vomit.}

So to all my 62 followers, Miscellaneous lives on. Please let me know if you're liking it & have a clever idea for a guest post. I'd love it! Also let me know if you have any good ideas or giveaways... I'd love to feature you!

So you can do it ALL. Just in doses.

And besides... these are my ALLs.


  1. I love your posts, but please don't feel stressed to post everyday. I'm sure it can feel like a full time job.

  2. I too love your posts but will look forward to them whenever you get around to it! Good luck with your all.

    (And if we're being truthful here, I could use one less blog to look at every day so I can go accomplish my all.) :)

  3. I too love your posts! You are such a wonderful writer and i love reading your words but i think everyone understands if there is not a new post everyday. :)