Thursday, May 13, 2010

This Should Make Me Feel Better

I appreciate the comments I received yesterday. Thank you. I should know better than to post on an empty stomach. Grouch.

But seriously, the day did get better. I did a little service & it smoothed on out. {Thanks Joshua 24:15. That's right. Go look it up.} And for the love, I don't have it bad. Perspective is key {Thanks Six-pack}. I'm my own worst enemy.

I am enjoying the rest since dance is done, but it's a transition & I'm not used to having this much extra time on my hands. This last month has been insane. And now with the stagnancy of vacation, it's almost... dare I say... boring. It's kind of putting me on edge.

So, while re-reading my post, I had an idea of how to remedy my indulgent pity party. Use my mad skills to lift someone else's spirits. Bring a little Calvin into your life.

Here's what I propose on this charitable Thursday. A date night with benefits. What are these benefits, you're wondering? A complete makeover from yours truly. Hair & make-up application for a hot date with your significant other. Hey, or a gals night out. Or sitting at home eating ice cream, but looking totally fierce. Whatever.

{I pinky swear I won't do your eyeliner like that.
But it is kind of awesome that I have the eyeshadow palette.}

Instead of moping about how much I miss making people pretty, why not have a little fun & make someone else feel special. You can bring your own make-up bag too & I can teach you a few easy tricks that can simplify & ease your routine, wallet & time. So who's in? {Sorry all my UT followers. I know you are all booing me right now. Or relieved. Who knows?}

And if you don't know me & you think, "This is weird..." Sorry. I guess I am a little weird. So this offer is extended to all of you. I love meeting new people, so don't let that deter you. (As long as you're not a perve or a killer. Husband will be here to protect me.) Next Friday, May 21st, I will announce the winner of this experiment. (Time runs out at midnight on Thursday. Ooo... like Cinderella!)

Time:Satuday , May 22nd late afternoon or early evening. (If you can't do this night, we can work something out you high maintenance winner.) Place: My house What: Your beautiful self & make-up bag Why: Because you deserve it. Spice it up remember?

Come on over & I will doll you up nice. We'll have a lovely time & your mate will be thrilled.

Ah... I feel SO much better. Service rocks. Now comment. Seriously. Pronto. I'm serious.

And DON'T forget... The tutu giveaway ends tonight @ midnight!!! See here if you haven't commented yet & want to win. Thanks Nicole!


  1. much magic can you work on a girl who seriously owns only eyeliner, mascara, hard powder and lipstick? All cheap? I could use some major help. LOL.

  2. Remember when u did my make up right after I had Crew, and I needed a BIG pick me up?? That was super nice, thanks Heath!!

  3. I'll post even though I'm out of the running...

    I'm glad you are feeling better. And thanks for the reminder that serving others always helps.

  4. I'm so sad I live in Utah now! Sounds like a blast-glad you're feeling better!

  5. Yes please! Do you have a palette that takes off, say, 25 pounds? :)

    I had a moment or two myself this week... I would echo Brittney's words- day by day! Thanks for the fun idea to do whatever the kids want to do for a day! Too bad Adam will just say "go to Target and buy some new cars". :)

  6. P.S. Check out my blog to see my version of your sign! Thanks for the help, it turned out great.

  7. Heather you are doing such fun giveaways:) I am in!

  8. Doing service ALWAYS helps me to feel better. Thanks for reminding me of that.

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  10. Okay, can you delete that one? I didn't realize Jarom had signed in on my computer. Ha ha ha!

  11. I was just telling my sister that I wanted to get my make up done for some new tips. This would be so fun! I still remember getting a heavenly facial from you at Sheri's house.

  12. Just found your blog today. Pampering sounds great! And then when I found out you are in Mesa...super excited since I live in Chandler. I'd love to be calvin-ized!