Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Today I Miss Calvin

{See image here}
I love being a mother. {Let's get that out there.} It's fulfilling in so many ways. But then there are those days... {you know the ones}... the ones where your college education & common sense doesn't mean a darn thing. When your little ones push your buttons so precisely, you'd swear they were espionage agents for a Special Ops team who's mission was to trap you into saying or doing something compromising.

Today's one of those days.


Today I miss Calvin. Klein that is. I've had some fun jobs in the past, but one of the funnest was when I was a make-up artist for Calvin Klein in Scottsdale. Expensive lunches, posh clothes, free make-up & swag, getting to make people pretty all day long... it was a great gig.

So when I wake up to a list full of demands from a 4 year-old, or walk into my laundry room to the musty smell of forgotten wash, or see the pile of dishes on the counter from last night's meal, or realize Dot has pooped... again... {as I type mind you}, yes, I miss Calvin.

I miss hopping in my car with my kit in tow to go to the Mrs. Arizona pageant to chat with all the fun ladies & touch up their gloss. I miss not having to wipe anyone's face, but my client's. I miss sitting down & having a lunch break. A lunch break! Can you imagine?

I'm not perfect, obviously. But I am honest. I'm trying to be better & that's one of the reasons I started this blog. But days like this can be a challenge. I need a pick me up today because my kids are the two most relentless bosses I've ever had. And I can't quit this job.

Today is a day of learning & I'd like to hear your miscellaneous advice. How do you get through days like this to learn & grow from them & come out the other side wiser? How do you cope with being a tinge resentful at times?

So here's to dish soap, bum wipes & deep breaths. But perhaps I'll have to apply some gloss first to lift the spirits.


  1. seriously thinking about taking a year off, or more, from my beloved career of teaching to take on this job of mothering to it's full extent...a little nervous about days like this, but I have got to try it out. nice to hear other's feel this way...I know I will miss my freedom and independence but 40-50 hours a week being away is rough too. glad I can read your blog to find so many commonalities.

  2. I just love your obsession with lip gloss. As for kids, who knows?? Day by day by day!!

  3. I love that you are real. That you don't pretend to love every minute of it. For me a little wisdom comes each time I realize how fast time actually flies. That my little boy is now fourteen. And before I know it, he'll be gone. I still have those days, but I try to keep perspective. So all I can say is hang in there. Those days get fewer and farther between the older the kids get. So yes, it's hard to let them grow, but the bright side is some of your independence comes back. Not that Calvin will come back, but maybe a trip to Target sans children?