Friday, May 7, 2010

Swagger Wagon

Oh how long I've told myself I'd never drive a minivan... but after this advertisement by Toyota, I think I'd really like to own a Swagger Wagon. Bravo Toyota marketing team.

Please, please, please turn up the volume & watch this hysterical video. I laughed so very hard & enjoyed it so very much I think my Mother's Day is nearly complete. {Not really Husband.} So I know I have 47 posts today, but I couldn't go another moment without sharing this with you all.

My favorite parts:

1 - "Singing Farmer in the Dell in perfect harmony..."
2 - Dad playing the kid xylophone
3 - Tea time
4 - Daughter pumpin' up the jam

And so, so much more... you're in for a special treat.

Enjoy your Mother's Day all my Miscellaneous friends & please... swag on.


  1. Heather, i never laughed so hard! that is too funny.. love the blog.

  2. Here's another good one for mother's day!

  3. I have never been more tempted to trade in my suburban for a mini van :) Only if I can get the license plate that says Swagger!

    P.S. found you through crafty chicks blog -- I am real life friends with Becky and Jamie :)

  4. Aww yah! I drive a swagger should too! Ha ha! It's too bad mini-vans are so ugly. At least they are super functional...that's why I love mine. Maybe one of these days we can cruise around town...and sing in perfect harmony :)