Monday, May 10, 2010


Down time




Forty winks



Peace & quiet







Do any of these words sound foreign to you? As women, sometimes I don't think we comprehend any of these terms. Even when we are going to take a "rest" we have to coordinate it with someone else's schedule, make sure everything is clean so we can relax & debate if we want to crawl in bed because then we'll just have to make it again.

What's wrong with us?

However... I can safely attest I can now rest. After a full year of teaching dance it was culminated Saturday night in an evening of exquisite talent & fun. In my recital each piece I choreographed was unique & special. Working closely with the girls to teach them one of my passions is an amazing thrill. Watching their little hips wiggle while their faces light up is truly magical.

It was a whirlwind week filled with rehearsals, wardrobe malfunctions, father & sons camp outs, final recital preparations, car A/Cs busting, Mother's Day hooplas... {jotting this list down even stresses me out a smidge.} But the good thing is it feels all over. Although I enjoyed it & am fulfilled in my efforts... the season of relaxation has come.

So, if I may... I will draw myself a soothing bath {with Epsom Salt for my tired muscles}, boil myself a cup of decaffeinated Chai tea for sipping & then apply a mask on my face that makes me look like the Phantom of the Opera, but makes me feel like a patron of a French spa.

And I suggest you all do the same.

P.S. One of the other hindrances of the weekend... my computer is on the fritz. No pics today. But perhaps tomorrow. After all, today is my day of rest. :)

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