Thursday, May 6, 2010

Tradin' Up

Wanna trade?

I'm not talking about swinging. I like Husband. I'm talking about everything else.

Back in the olden days it seemed people learned & developed a trade & then traded or bartered for other goods in return for their skills.

I wish the whole world worked this way.

Now hold on there... I'm not saying I would be a great pioneer... because I wouldn't. I need my 21st century hair products. My greasy, oily, thin haired self would've probably been a lonely old maid back in the days of petticoats & bonnets. {It's all smoke & mirrors. An illusion of volumizing sprays, round brushes & teasing.} And with the whole "speak her mind" attitude I've got going on, I would have been a nightmare for some poor farmer.

But I am saying I like the concept of trading.

I've been teaching dance since... the beginning of time it seems ... & I quickly learned this was a valuable commodity. Almost everyone wants their little girl to dance. It's great for not only their gross & fine motor skills, but also for their cognitive development. {Sorry, shameless plug.} I also quickly learned a lot of other people had skills that I could use.

Here are things/services others have traded with me for dance lessons:
  • house cleaning {my FAV}
  • babysitting
  • haircuts for the fam
  • massages
  • facials
  • photography sessions
  • custom dance costumes
This year has been a tough one financially for a lot of people. This isn't a big shock to any of you is it? {Wink, wink.} But, life needs to go on. Money needs to be made, vacations need to be had & kids should still be able to do fun extracurricular activities. For this reason I think it's important for people to help each other out with their talents.

I have two teenage students who really wanted to take from me this year, but there was no way their family could incur another cost. So we worked out a deal. One of them comes & helps me clean every other Saturday {dusting, floors & bathrooms. So, so awesome.} & the other lass babysits so Husband & I can have a big date night twice a month.

Win, win.

I also struck a deal with two of my friends who live nearby. Each of them takes a few hours one day a week to babysit my kids while I teach & then I teach their girls dance. This way, I trust my kids are in good hands & I can give my full attention to my students. In turn they are saving a little green each month while their girls are developing their talents.

Win, win.

So like I was saying... I wish the whole world worked like this. Money shmoney. I teach your kids dance, you cut our hair. You know how to fix cars, neighbor does your taxes. And so on...

I've seen a lot of this going on this year from a lot of my friends & it makes me happy we can all be using our talents to be charitable to one another.

Try to choose something you are good at this week & give it away for free. It'll come back to you. That's just how God works.

P.S. Dance has been an amazing catalyst in my life.
My recital is on Saturday. Break a leg girls!

P.S.S. Stop by tomorrow for 1) Becky's fun post, 2) a giveaway & 3) a special gem a friend found today on YouTube. Can't wait to show you. I had tears streaming down my face because of its hilarity.
I'm such a giver. Can't wait!


  1. Where is your recital at and at what time.. Madison and I will try and make it. Also could you email me your dance schedule for my sister in law

  2. I needed to hear this. I cut hair and recently did it for free, and I was a little mad about it. I felt taken advantage of. The trade thing would help that feeling go away. Thanks.

  3. I love trading services. SUCH a wonderful idea. I live in a small community that does this quite frequently; but I agree, I wish the entire world worked this way!!