Wednesday, May 5, 2010

AZ & Blog Swaps

I've been invited to do a blog swap with my dear friend Becky. We met at Utah State in a journalism class & we've been buds ever since. {I won't ever forget the long study sessions filled with note cards & law books. The stressful hours writing briefs & press releases. I think we both managed to weasel an A in that Media Law class. Take that Professor Penny!}

So your patience will be required for this DIY post since I will not be swapping until Friday. Please make sure to visit Miscellaneous, etc. for Becky's post on Friday & {MY super giveaway!!!} then check out Crafty Chicks for my special crafty post. Go there now to be entered in to win Becky's giveaway! I know, we all rock.


I can't leave you without something to learn today... so since we are getting so much recognition this month in good old AZ for some of our policies, please visit this site to learn more about our elected state officials. Knowledge is always empowering. {And right now don't check out & blow out your breath while mumbling... boring. Sadly that complacent attitude has gotten us into this mess. I'm not lecturing, just keeping it real.}

If you'd like to have an opinion, learning what you're talking about is usually a great way to legitimize your views. :) Give it a few minutes. And if you aren't from AZ, check out your own state's page. {And quit rolling your eyes!} Do it. You owe it to yourself & your community to be informed & conscious. Wake up. I enjoy making necklaces & headbands for my daughter, but it isn't all I do. As moms we need to be well rounded & educated about the world we are living in. Otherwise how can we adequately teach our kiddos? DIY!!!!

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