Monday, June 14, 2010

Free Stuff

Ha! I've tricked you. You're not gonna get any free stuff from this post. It's about free stuff. So please keep reading, even if you think I'm a huge buzz-kill.

I've noticed many of you like the idea of free stuff. How do I know? {All of my comments on giveaway days. Da. Apparently these are the only days I get a whole lotta love.} But you know how I really know this? Because I'm a free stuff sucker as well. Love it. I love feeling like I'm getting a deal. Like I'm smarter than everyone else & have sniffed out the big sale on my own bargain shopper merit.


This is delusional. I was just suckered into the ploy by retail businesses with all of the other saps buying crap they don't need. Why? What's wrong with all of us? Do we have that much extra time & moola that we have the luxury to go to a store & pick out another mundane chachki to sit upon our mantle; until we of course get sick of it in a few months time & have to buy another, better replacement? No! {Do they worry about chachkies in third world countries? I doubt it. So why do I?}


Distraction enough to keep me from doing responsible things like putting it in savings, or spending time with my crazy kids or helping someone else in need.

Am I even aware of others in need?

I've been trying to limit my consumption of things over the past few months to see the difference it makes. I've had my falls off the wagon, {$14.99 pair of jeans @ Ross} but I've got to tell you, it feels good to know I don't need stuff to make me happy. And with the economy in the toilet, there's really no better time than now to get our acts together.

So starting this week... I'd like to put forth a challenge... {keep reading, I know it's a little frightening, but you can do it}... take inventory of your discretionary income this week. {I feel like Suze Orman.} Tally it up. After you are aware of your spending for the entire week starting next Monday, June 21st, there will be NO DISCRETIONARY SPENDING FOR 5 DAYS!

This means things other than food {groceries, NOT eating OUT}, bills, gas, etc. are off limits. {The shirt at Forever 21, the pedicure, the shoes for daughter.} Nope.

Take back the control. Tighten up that cute belt a notch & see if it makes a difference for the week. Who knows? It might actually make a dent in your waistline. :)

I'll be posting my results. What an experiment. I feel like a bonafide scientist! Oh laws. Good luck!

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  1. good idea...i will try it...when I get back from california. if i do it there, it would be worse than a prison sentence. So, give me a week off and then i will take your challenge...