Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Mmm... Smoothies

Here's a quick recipe for a summery, cool, refreshing treat. {I make these in a variety of flavors, so don't be intimidated to throw whatever into the blender.}

4 oz. juice (freshly squeezed o.j. is my fav)
4 oz. organic rice milk

1/2 c. yogurt (I have a homemade recipe for yogurt. Look for it next week.)

6-8 frozen strawberries

1 banana

1-2 handfuls of spinach

*1 scoop of protein powder (This is a must after the gym, but if you don't like it, omit it.)

I make these for the kids too. I buy the cups at Wal-Mart with the detachable, washable lids & then toss the straws that come with them. I purchase the inexpensive, flexible straws that fit perfectly into the holes & DON'T spill. This way the kids can also get a healthy snack with leafy greens but without making a mess. Easy solution & a win, win for kids & moms. :)



  1. Oh wow I think it is great to find someone who has read the same books as me. I often ask friends if they have read something and always get a no answer. I love to read but with my 3 little ones it is hard sometimes. Usually I read at naptime or I stay up late reading which I pay for in the morning. The only two books I forgot to mention are the Hunger Games and Catching Fire. It is a short series by Suzanne Collins. Hunger Games is the first book. The third book comes out in August. I hope you find something to read and have fun on your trip. It sounds amazing.

    Tish @

    P.S. I like your recipe for strawberry-lime jam but what is maxigel and where can you get it. I always use suregel. Also do you find that your fruits and Veggies go bad after a short time when you buy them from Superstition Ranch Market.

  2. Tish. My sister. Just read The Hunger Games last. Ha ha... now it's just getting creepy.

    I made a batch of Strawberry Jam yesterday & used the Suregel stuff. It worked like a dream, so don't stress about finding Maxigel. And I agree with the Superstition Ranch Market's produce. That's why I usually use the fruit to can or freeze (for smoothies) & the vegetables to make salsa & such.

    Bon Voyage.