Friday, July 23, 2010

It's Done & On It's Way!

Oh Christie, {you lucky patient giveaway winner} your prize .. is done & on it's way to you & your little gal. I hope she enjoys her library tote, or whatever she chooses to use it for. I think it turned out quite cute, but I'm biased.

I had my nieces over yesterday & helped each one of them make their own. However I don't speak sewing so the tutorial confused me a bit because at the last step I was thinking... how in the world is this gonna work? This is a disaster. But then I turned it right side out & it was magically a whole complete bag with lining, a boxed out bottom & straps to boot! How did that happen? Now that I'm proficient at creating them... I can make one in about a half hour. So give it a go. There's nothing like a fun, cheap project to lift the spirits while spending time with the kiddos! After all we are creators. :)

Enjoy! Happy Weekend.


  1. I just got my computer back after it being at the PC hospital for TWO WHOLE WEEKS!(rethinking getting a Mac...anyhow....) and saw this! Thanks for making my day! I can't wait to get it in the mail....

    Now to catch up on the blog....

  2. Oh, what a cute bag Heather, great job on it! :)