Monday, July 26, 2010

Things That Make Mondays Delightful

Sometimes after the weekend I secretly look forward to Mondays. Here's why...

*Get to sing & dance to "Addicted to Love" while sweeping the kitchen. {Or mopping... this can really be done with anything I can sing into or use as a guitar.}

*Go to one of my favorite classes at the gym & sweat like there's no tomorrow. Humidity... what's that?

*Take a shower & straighten my hair for the first time in seriously months. It's SO long!

*Put on my early birthday earrings for myself.

*Call my favorite YW in the ward to come clean my bathrooms & floors.

*Pack for our vacation to Cali.

*Go to the library with the kids.

*Laugh at Dot as she prances around in her new ice cream cone panties.

*Watch Son line up rocks & secret treasures in his room, not believing how big he's getting.

*Making more totes with my sister-in-law for all of our precious ones.

*Thawing out some yummy whole wheat pizza dough to make delicious Broccoli Calzones for dinner.

*Merrily work on my query letter to send out to agents.

And my favorite...

*Watch Husband install our new, improved porch swing that we of course scored for free! He washed it, sanded it & with a fresh coat of paint it's the perfect addition to our ficus in the front yard. And then he got a big, fat kiss. You can find us cuddled up here everyday at about sunset.


  1. Oh my gosh! I had forgotten- I drove by the other day and it was the first thing I noticed- I want one!

  2. Love it and your blog is FAB!!!

  3. Love the new swing. I will have to come swing on it soon!