Monday, August 9, 2010

Love Is In the Air

Love makes me happy.
I enjoy seeing two people relishing in one another's embrace. Shiny new love or aged love like a fine merlot; both are delightful to witness. It's nice to know there truly is someone out there for everyone.

I was lucky enough to be apart of two weddings this weekend. One for my cousin & one for a long time friend. Each were contrasting to the other, but identical in theme. Love. Ogling & googling into each other's eyes, hand clutching, longing glances & sappy smiles. I've been there.

Going to weddings reminds me how happy I am to be married to Husband. They remind me how surreal that day was & how monumentous those milestone experiences are to our identity. It reminds me of the first boob grab in the car after the ceremony or how fantastic it was to cuddle next to him & not have to say goodbye when the night was over. It brings back memories of brushing our teeth together in our little apartment or cooking rice & potatoes over & over because that was all our meager college student budget could afford.

Weddings remind me of my marriage & help me reflect & take the pulse of my relationship. Are we as giddy as we were on that fun day? Do I still smile sappily when he does his stupid ugly dance or horrible imitations? Am I compelled to kiss him everyday?... I'm happy to say heck yes. I'm so, so, happy {nearly 11 years later} to be with that same good looking, long haired boy I met in the parking lot at SCC gripping a tennis racket.

So if you don't have any weddings coming up to help remind you about the blessed day the two of your souls made a family, look at some pictures or watch your wedding video. Remember how it felt & remember how blessed you are to share your life with someone special.

Fill your home with love today. And kiss him like you mean it. :)

Happy, happy Monday.

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  1. I just have to say! You and Tadd are so cute! :)