Thursday, September 30, 2010


I love being a woman. We're so lucky. We have so many fantastic characteristics. I love being loved by other women because they know exactly what to do & say when guys don't have a clue. {No offense Hus, you did nothing wrong, it's just a generalization.}

Today was a day of busy-ness. Lots going on. I was running from here to there & coordinating my kids from place to place... or should I say from friend to friend. Teaching dance is a blast, but sometimes I do feel guilty for farming my kids out. It is only twice a week & for that I feel immensely blessed because some Moms work a heck of a lot more than that.

But the point of this post is about the bonds of womanhood.

I have so many lovely women in my life that inspire me. I depend on them, trust them & love them. That knowledge is indispensable. We should all lean on each other & give each other the benefit of the doubt. Caring for each other is such a blessing & it should be what life is all about.

Hugs all around today. The service was flowing. Being a recipient is good, but tomorrow I must pass it along. Spread the sunshine & feel it's warmth on my face as I share it. That was totally a cheesy Hallmark saying, but I feel cheesy today so no apologies.

Be aware of the wonderful women in your life & let them know it. Everyone likes to feel appreciated & loved so don't hold back. Call, write, e-mail, stop by for a visit... you choose.

P.S... After reading this to Husband he serenaded me with his horrible rendition of "Lean On Me..." while doing a lame dance to make known his feelings of this cheesy post. A woman would never do that. Thanks for proving my point Hus. Women rock so hard.


  1. I Love your post!!!!
    Women are the best. We can do or pretend to do everything. Always with the help of our sweet friends.
    Thx for being one of my friends.
    P.S.I need to lose some weight fast!!!!!!!

  2. Love you too. And don't worry... I'm huge & pregnant in half these pictures. :)

  3. :) If only I had you closer. This is exactly why I love reading your blog. Because it is the most honest display of what we women think from day to day.