Friday, October 1, 2010

It's Zoo Time again...

I love going to the zoo, especially as the weather gets nicer. Year passes are awesome & economical when shared with a friend or two. Here's some inspiration for you to take your lil's to view all the wonders of God's glorious animal creations. Even the creepy ones. We ran into a jolly fellow at the petting zoo. He was kind enough to give us a grin. The kids thought that was pretty darn funny & I think I scared a few goats with my loud bellow after viewing the moment I'd captured. Who says animals can't find joy in their dominion?

Too bad Hus & I weren't in it. It would have definitely made the Christmas card this year. Photoshop?


  1. I love that smiling goat--and yeah--the kids are cute too.

  2. HA ha...I LOVE that picture, soooo FUNNY! That is one happy goat! Good capture!

  3. I am full of comments today. To this post I say... only an Arizonan would comment in fall that the weather is getting "nicer."