Monday, October 25, 2010

I Love Technology

Thanks to all who came & enjoyed our party this year. We had so much fun! I appreciate you all indulging me as I accosted you with games, quizzes, questions & jokes. Everyone always does a superb job dressing up & my cheeks were literally sore from laughing so hard all evening. Nothing makes me happier than good food, good friends & of course Husband dressed up like a ridiculous wuss.

Happy Halloween to all...


Kip & LaFawnduh

In case you've lived under a rock for 10 years. We are a couple from the "Napoleon Dynamite" movie.

P.S... It's unfortunate you don't get the luxury of hearing Husband's uncanny rendition of Kip's vocal stylings. It's really an out of body experience.


  1. Love this costume idea! Looks like such a fun tradition too. Mind sharing some party pointers or listing what activities you have done at the parties?

  2. Hize parties always = FUN! After seeing the Tiger/Elin and Coal Miner/Mistress costumes, maybe the theme next year should be "current events" Ü

  3. I absolutely LOVED your guys' costumes this year! Thanks for throwing the party, we had a good time!

  4. Guess what?! My Halloween party was a success! I'm going to post pictures soon so be sure to visit the blog. Your party looked like fun. Hope it went great. Thanks for the inspiration.