Friday, October 22, 2010


Deep breaths, check lists, spiders, cobwebs, food, table cloths, candle sticks, jack-o-lanterns, wig, heels, mustache...

Preparations for our annual couple costume party can get intense. However, this being our 4th year, I am predicting our costume is going to make it all worth it!

2006 - John McEnroe & Chris Evert. (Tennis Players from the 70's.) Wasn't on the ball enough to get a digital photo & too lazy to find the Polaroid.

2007 - 80's Aerobics Instructors

2008 - Surprisingly too offensive to post on the Internet. Don't want to get blackmailed when Husband runs for office someday. Ha ha...

2009 - This was our WHITE TRASH year

2010 you ask? Oh, stay tuned my friends. It won't disappoint.

Here's to dressing up & acting like complete morons!


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  2. The first photo reminds me of Jane Fonda and her initial workout video!