Monday, October 18, 2010


I've been desiring to own a sectional for the simplistic purpose of its functionality. I LOVe curling up on a long, comfy couch with my loved ones & then still having room to stretch out my freakishly long extremities. Are there cuter, less functional seating options out there? Of course.

But, when I saw this classic style on Pottery Barn earlier in the week...

I thought it was SO attractive {that's for you Can}! Then when viewing Craigslist two days later, I knew it must be fate when nearly the SAME couch was listed in my own dang city {but for 2 grand cheaper}! (I know the Almighty doesn't necessary care about furniture, but he obviously cares about my happiness.)

So here is our old seating.

And here is our NEW seating! {This picture doesn't do it justice. Darn my photography skills.}

Bon Voyage to our first BIG purchase as a family in our very first home. You've been good to us, but now it's time to say goodbye & send you to a new loving home. Any takers?

Now for pillows...


  1. Lovely! Is it beige or gold in color?

  2. Surprising that even though it's a bigger piece of furniture, the lighter color makes the space feel bigger! Love it.

  3. I would love your old furniture. I live in Gilbert. Are you close by? I'm hoping yes since it was Holly Brimhall who referred your blog. I'm a single mom of five and would love to be a taker. Let me know!

    - Kimberly

  4. Ooooooh!! Your new sectional is positively (for lack of a better word) ATTRACTIVE. Can't wait to sit my duff on it.

  5. How funny...I emailed the lady about that EXACT sectional (on craigslist) for about a week, but couldn't talk David into it ;(. Glad it found a good home!

  6. You're kidding, right? How awesome is that!