Monday, January 31, 2011

Mommy Perks

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Do any of you out there play mind games? Well, I never supposed I did. Not saying it's beneath me, but I'm a direct person. Even with myself. So as the years have gone by if there has been something I've needed or wanted I've either saved for it, or gotten it for myself. Now this is not to say I get everything I want. Husband's frugal-ness has rubbed off a great deal to my previous spoiled child self. But... I've never looked at these things as rewards or perks.

Until today.

I realized today Mommy Perks are fabulous. Not only are they are great idea -- I think they are a must for not only sanity, but our self identity as well. What do I mean? Nothing extravagant. Just something everyday to remind yourself you are a thinking, breathing, individual with a brain, heart & soul who needs a momentary break from wiping bums, cutting crust, scrubbing grout & creating crafty crap.

So I began to wonder what are some of my Mommy Perks I give myself? Things I can do each day to make me feel... what's the word... balanced. My list of one-a-day perks grew & grew & grew in my mind until I starting becoming excited about my little treasures.
  • A hot {childless} bath with candles & music
  • Weekly DATE NIGHT... a must. It reminds us why we were so great together to begin with.
  • 4 Trader Joe's chocolate raspberry sticks
  • A car wash by someone else
  • Reading my scriptures in the quiet morning before the kids awaken
  • My hour at the gym everyday
  • Conjuring up a new recipe I've never thought of before & making it
  • Watching an Alias with Hus (we're on the final season)
  • Treating myself to a new Lavender bar of soap from Trader Joe's
  • Actually doing my eye make-up, eye-liner, primer, shadow... the works
  • Time to e-mail a good friend just to say hi & how great she is
  • Taking a dance class
  • Cleaning by my lonesome, but playing Coldplay or Pandora
  • Girls Night
  • Cleaning my wedding ring, making it shine like it once had
  • Watching a really good DVRed Oprah
  • Writing
  • Nightly time with Hus filled with laughter & compliments
  • Monthly pregnancy massage with Kara... my FAVORITE!
Creating this made me think of what other Mommies must indulge in. What are some of your Mommy Perks? Let me know. What are those saving graces you have for yourself so that you don't wind up on the news or in some Looney Bin? I know when I get one of these a day I am a better Mom. I hope you all take the time & genuinely invest in yourself so you are a better wife, mother, person, friend... ect. to all around you. Enjoy.

P.S... Oh, & since we are having some rainy cool weather, I've decided to make some homemade chicken noodle soup this evening to warm us up -- a family recipe & a favorite. Check out tomorrow's post for the recipe. Now that's a perk.


  1. - Reading other peoples blogs (seriously)
    - Eating a whole bar of doves chocolate and not sharing.
    - Painting my finger nails and toe nails without stopping. This means that I don't have to do something for a child while they are still wet and end up smudging some nails.
    -Taking that extra 15 minutes getting dressed to curl my hair.

  2. Hallelujah Cassie! It's good to know I'm not the only one with my Mom Perks! Thanks for sharing/caring. :)