Monday, January 24, 2011

Trucks, Blue & ... gulp.... Circumcisions

Baby number 3 was not shy last week. He - yes - HE! let it all hang out. Husband, Son & I pensively sat waiting for news about his health & then held our breath as our doctor stilled our baby's bum on the screen. This wasn't anything like our first ultrasound appointment in which the screen resembled a galaxy in outer space where bizarre shapes & creatures reside; we're old pros now knowing our femurs from our umbilical cords & baby tenders.

After the exciting news, we settled in to see his sweet face & rapid heart. We laughed as he squirmed & wiggled with ease. My eyes misted when his little head bowed looking as if he was saying a humble prayer. I knew I was. Is he healthy? Are all of his parts there? Does everything look normal?

"Yes, yes & yes" were all the consoling answers from our doc. "He's perfect & growing healthy." Phew. Thankfully the onion rings from Joe's Farm House Grill did not affect him. (I've been craving no-no foods for the past 3 months. When I was out with my friend Kara for a girls night & she saw I ordered onion rings she gasped, "That's how I know you're pregnant. You never eat food like that!") Alas... they were delicious.

So I must break out all of Son's boy paraphernalia from storage. We've already looked at a new bunk bed from IKEA this past weekend. The plans are in the works. Bring on the blue, the mud, the burps, the rocks & sticks, the capes, the Legos, the superhero underwear, the sweaty puppy smell & yes even the Vaseline for that poor little circumcised wiener. We are all getting excited to meet our new addition.

And if Son gets his way, his name will be Rico. That gave me a good laugh.

P.S... I'd post our ultrasound pic, but our scanner is busted. Dang kids.


  1. I'm sure Jonah is beyond thrilled. Another mate to sword fight with! Congrats again!

  2. Congratulations, sounds like you're ready for the scale to tip to boy in your house.

    I do have to say, I'm a little surprised to hear your lighthearted remarks about a serious, painful, unnecessary cosmetic procedure though. As you and your doc both said - all his parts are there, normal, and he's perfect! No disassembly required...

    Most boys in the world (over 80%)are left perfectly intact, as God created them.

    If you are interested in doing more research on the dangers of routine penile surgery on infants, and the myriad functions of the foreskin, here are a few good starter links:

    The foreskin is a pretty amazing body part - not "extra" skin...and hey, after all, if boys were meant to have one - they'd be born with it, right?

  3. Jen,

    Sorry if our decision of the circumcision our sons is offensive to you. Of course I never mean to offend, but I do speak my mind freely. :) I appreciate your views & your added info. It's nice to have different views for discussion. Perhaps an excellent topic for a later blog post someday. :)

  4. Ya Heather- congrats! You are my 6th friend now who's expecting a boy. That 6 boys- 0 girls. Kind of reminds me of the year McKenna and Sage were born. Too bad I'm missing the boy go around. By the time I'm ready for another it'll be girl go around. Oh well. WE like girls. But I'm so excited for you. I'm glad you are feeling better.

  5. Congrats Heather! Sorry I missed the other night, I had a meeting. I will get you a tub of Vaseline for little Rico! :)