Friday, March 11, 2011

The Arizona Renaissance Festival

The last time I visited the Renaissance Festival was the spring of 1994. My shorts were short, my Nike's were white & my hair was straight & parted in the middle. But the only thing that seemed to be different nearly 15 years later at this grand festival... was me. I guess that's the nostalgia of the Renaissance. It's a magical place stuck somewhere in time, unchanged, in which we can go & visit for a short time.

Husband & I thought it would be a fun & "out of the box" family experience to take the kids to this seasonal 30-acre village.
Well it was. We chowed on bread bowls & cold brews, bought mythical crafts, laughed at the acrobat comedians, chatted with the village folk, got sprinkled with fairy dust, watched a jousting tournament & shouted for our favorite knight, pet day old lambs, rode the butterfly rides, the dragon slide & jumped on the ginormous trampoline apparatus. Phew... I'm just tired writing it... you can imagine my pregnant exhaustion after the entire hullabaloo.

So although a bit more cleavage may have been seen than I'd like (especially by Son) & some interesting folks came out of the woodwork in the later hours...
it was well worth it.

My only regret is not splurging on a
turkey leg. Son would have LOVED it.

Grainy.... I know.

The kids' favorite part - Twig the Fairy. She reaches in her pouch, hands them a star, glass stone & sprinkles their hands with fairy dust. It was magical.

She mesmerized Dot by playing her flute.

My knight & princess

Don't let go Dad. Hhhhheavy!

The Dragon slide was a thumbs up!

That's just awesome.


The car ride home.

Nighty night.

Can't wait until next year!

With one more knight of course.


  1. How fun! I've never been before. Looks like you guys had a great time. I loved that you dressed up the kids, I bet they loved that. I love the pictures with the fairy! :)

  2. so awesome! I know, we haven't gone since our first year anniversary. -We totally did it on our week anniversary excursion and had a BLAST! I love the dressing up idea. Totally CUTE! -You look fab, my dear!