Monday, March 28, 2011


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Next month Hus & I will be celebrating our 10-year-anniversary.

How did that happen? Where does the time go?

Old people usually give their random two cents with cheesy grins at the grocery store. (In an old person voice), "Enjoy those kids because 'time goes so fast.'" This statement is usually followed by a sentimental expression that makes me want to smack their wrinkled old cheek because my kids are running around asking for sugary cereal or fighting over who gets to ride on the "fun side" of the dang cart. Usually I want to mutter, "Seriously? Do you not see this? This is going to last FOREVER!!!" But yesterday when I was sitting at my kitchen counter with two littles on my lap & one squirming in my belly I thought,
"Time goes so fast. How in the world did I get 3 kids?"

Old people are so wise.

10 years of marriage & 12 years together, I'm still learning stuff about Hus. Most recently last night while lying in bed, I began to wind down & yawned deeply as my body relaxed & sunk further into our plush mattress.

Hus laughs. "I can't stand how you yawn like that. So airy & loud."

My body stiffens slightly. "What?"

"It's kind of obnoxious."

Shocked a bit. "You are annoyed by my yawns?"

He pauses. "Only because you do it every night about 15 times before you go to sleep." He pauses again. "Every night for ten years."

I smile because I know he's not really mad. But I can't control it. I yawn again.

"Oh come on!"

"I can't help it. It's what my body does." I feel a little self conscious as I feel another one creeping on, aching to make it's way free. I slowly open my mouth & try to be quiet & as I do so, Hus joins in with his own yawning imitation. I stop in mid yawn unsatisfied by the anticlimactic effect of relaxation, feeling jipped.

I try again & he joins in--mocking me yet again.

RRR... now my blood starts to boil making all my previous yawns worthless.

He releases another yawn in a sudden gust & I roll my eyes in the darkness.

It's quiet for a moment & his voice changes. "Hm... that actually feels really good. My eyes are watering. Why are my eyes watering? I have tears."

I chuckle. "So are mine. That's what happens when you yawn like that."

"Wow. They're like relaxing tears. It seriously feels really good."

I want to laugh out loud, but I contain myself. "So you're saying my obnoxious yawns are awesome?"

"Yeah, I guess I am."

It was a hilarious exchange that could have ended very differently--like him sleeping on the couch. But instead it brought us closer. My supposed weakness is now fantastic & I can't wait to see if obnoxiously yawning will become a nightly routine for both of us now.

Here's to marriage & male evolution.