Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Crafty = Cheap

My cheapness has come in handy as the years have evolved. I LOVE when people tell me... "Heather you're so crafty." But what they should be saying is... "Heather you're so dang cheap!"

I am a big fan of Potterybarn. Loooooove it. I turn the pages & imagine myself lounging & knitting in almost every single one of the rooms. But, there is no way in this whole wide world I'd ever pay $699 for the Rys Coffee Table from this season's issue. Why? Because that is nearly my family's monthly grocery bill!

So I'm like a copycat. A knockoff. A pirate. I find pieces of furniture from a thrift stores or garage sales & make em over. Also I've realized people give me a lot of stuff. I haven't really put my finger on why quite yet. Is it out of pity or interest? Either way, my pride doesn't get in the way & I gratefully take it off their hands. I usually sand it, give it a fresh coat of paint & voila! Potterybarn look alike without the hefty price tag. It's easier than you think.

Here are some of my favorite projects Husband & I have redone. And here are some tips to help you save some money, while channeling your inner ar-tist.

Husband bought this for $15 at a garage sale. We painted it black {because I went through a major Rolling Stone painting everything black phase} & it lived in our bedroom for a few years.

When I got sick of black I painted it this gray/blue color (Moon Rock by Glidden). I wouldn't recommend Glidden unless you are going to be rubbing or sanding off the top layer of paint.
All we did was lightly sand over the black, then wiped it down with tack cloth, then painted over it with a sponge furniture roller. {These are dynamite. A time saver & it leaves a smooth finish.}
After letting the paint dry for a few hours, I then used a greenish/brown paint & wiped a small dab of it on with a wet rag & lightly spreaded it over the surface until I got the antiqued look I was going for. While I was antiquing, I pushed harder to get the paint to rub off. Easy, cheesy.

Another DAV find. I'd scoped it out earlier in the week so when went on a half off Saturday we waited anxiously outside in a readied stances. I could see it through the window & when the doors opened I shoved my way through the Hispanic crowd to sprint down the aisle. I catapulted my body on top of the pedastal table to claim it as MINE! It felt like the final scene in "Far & Away." $35. Victory!

Husband painted it black & it's been one of our favorites. :)

Same idea for this coffee table. This was originally from Potterybarn, but was purchased from a friend for a great price. Thanks Maren! I distressed the crap out of it. So who cares if the kids put their feet on it, or it gets a little scratched.

This picnic table sells for $89 at Lowe's. We purchased it for $18 on clearance, a floor model, already put together. A jazzy green color makes it a great addition to our backyard patio & a fun place to eat on beautiful spring evenings.

Good ol' Uncle Steve gave me this hideous, dark wood country style hutch for FREE. But even through the brassy hinged newspaper lined drawers, I saw its potential. This was one of husband's first attempts at redoing furniture. For $40 (hardware & painting supplies), I'd say it was money well spent.

Husband & I purchased this dresser from the old DAV thrift store for $40, but while they were loading it, one of the movers dropped it busting the bottom piece. They let us have it for $20 & Husband nailed the piece back in with one nail. That nail saved us twenty bucks. :)

Painted it green & added new hardware. I think it's perfect for Son's room.

I bought this dresser from Goodwill for $35 on half off Saturday. It's massive. I painted it green {hm... I think I've gone from black to green :)} & added new hardware.

I purchased this armoire wardrobe for $1 at Goodwill on dollar day.
Gave it a fresh coat of cream paint, antiqued it & sold it for $100.

These were given to us after Husband's Grandma passed away. I thought they were darling. We painted them {green of course} & dolled them up with some cute glass knobs & nickel pulls. Almost as pretty as our sweet Dot. Thank you Grandma Street!

So if you've been wanting something new - don't spend a ton.
Just roll up your sleeves & get creative. :)

Good luck!


  1. BEAUTIFUL! And it looks like you found a rug for your patio- it's perfect!

  2. You guys are amazing at redoing furniture. I am a fan of your work! :)

  3. You would be so proud of me. I painted baby's crib GREEN and his dresser a teal blue. Hope you can come see it some day.

  4. Uh, seriously, I should just send all my furniture over to you. I've been using glaze on the last few projects I've done, but I'm really liking the greenish paint you're using for antiquing, what is it?

  5. Good question Jen. Luckily you asked just in time before the label was completely faded. :)

    The color is BUTTERNUT by Behr. Satin enamel.