Tuesday, April 20, 2010

What do you love?

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As women we can get caught up in what we don't like about ourselves. Our spider veins, our stretch marks, our saddle bags, our muffin top. Am I right? But, what do we like about ourselves?

I love my deltoids. They've always been killer. I'm going to focus on my awesome delts this week rather than play that lame "If only..." game. "If only I had a flatter stomach... If only I had narrower hips... If only I had bigger..." Nothing productive ever comes from this evil little game.

So find something about your body you love. I don't care if it's your calves. I don't care if it's your thick, beautiful hair {I hate you BTW}. I don't even care if it's your canine teeth. Pick something & relish in how much you love it.

Oh yes & do something physical this week you wouldn't normally do. Hiking, bike rides, skipping to the mailbox, love making... you choose.

And although I'm not quite ready for the hotness, here's one of my favorite salads to ring in this heat wave we've been experiencing. Enjoy!

Walnut & Pear Salad

2 heads of leafy greens or spinach (1 bag of spinach & 1 head of romaine - whatever you fancy)
3/4 c. Craisins or golden raisins
1 pear, cut into chunks
2 crisp apples
Orange juice (enough to toss apples in to prevent browning & add a little flavor)
2 oz. blue cheese, Gorgonzola or crumbled goat cheese
1/2 c. walnuts, chopped
1/2 c. chicken breast, cooked & cubed (optional)

{I now make ALL of my dressings. It's easy, cheap & a lot better for you.}

Honey Red Wine Vinaigrette:
1/2 c. red wine vinegar
1/2 c. honey
1-2 cloves garlic, pressed
1 t. salt
1 t. coarsely ground pepper
1/2 c. oil

For dressing, mix in a blender. Chop apples & toss in orange juice. When ready to serve, toss lettuce, cranberries, walnuts, apples & cheese in a large bowl. Toss with dressing.

FYI - You may not want to toss the entire salad with the dressing if you think you will not eat all of it. The dressing will wilt any leftovers & be barf.

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  1. I think we all do that at times which is very sad! So thank you for the reminder! If we all would just focus on the good this world would be a much happier place. Thanks for the salad recipe! :)